Digitally networked services

The overall architecture of digital services is coordinated across regional bodies in the European context and is continuously being developed. Service portals are networked and this interoperability of e-government services provides a better user experience.

An efficient and secure data management system ensures that data already stored by the authorities can be reused as seamlessly as possible, in compliance with data protection regulations (the once-only principle).

Among other things, electronic document delivery enables users to download correspondence from the authorities electronically to My Mailbox. The electronic payment (e-payment) system ensures that fees and charges are paid securely.

The free Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app enables services for citizens to be accessed quickly and efficiently. Details are also provided about the Power of Attorney service, whereby citizens can authorise other people to conduct their official business for them. You can also find an explanation about one-stop-shops and no-stop-shops, which allow people to submit requests via a single portal or to benefit from services without making an application at all.