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Single Digital Gateway - Your Europe

Your portal to the EU internal market


Your rights and opportunities in Europe, all together on a digital portal: The free movement of goods, services, capital and people is a fundamental principle of the European Union. Nevertheless, many citizens and businesses in Europe are not aware of their rights within the EU internal market, never mind how to exercise them in a different EU country.

Digitalisation in the European Union

In 2018, the EU issued a directive to create a single digital portal to simplify online access to information, administrative procedures and services, and facts about operating in a different EU country.

Turning the Your Europe portal into a single digital gateway to the European Union will only be possible if the European Commission and all member states work together.

Your Europe portal

The Your Europe portal provides practical information and advice for citizens and businesses, and helps them to understand and exercise their rights in the EU. It is available in all the official languages of the EU and serves as a central gateway to other websites, both at EU level and at national level, and is a resource offering information and assistance (National Consumer Centres, single points of contact and other electronic government services, SOLVIT, Enterprise Europe Network etc.). 

It provides information for individuals and companies on aspects of business or daily life and on mobility within Europe, for example for European citizens wishing to work or study in a different EU country or businesses wishing to move to a different EU country, or open a subsidiary branch.

The leading portal in Europe

Your Europe ( is the definitive portal for information about the rights of individuals and businesses, and administrative rules and procedures in all EU countries and it offers:

  • Accurate and up-to-date information on EU and national regulations and obligations.
  • Information about official transactions and the steps required to complete them.
  • Support and problem-solving services, administered by EU or national authorities and primarily suitable for advising individuals.
  • A user feedback tool for reporting problems or difficulties with the portal or other online resources provided by the EU and national administrative agencies. This helps to improve quality. 
  • The information is available in 23 EU languages.

Your Europe

Your Europe is your single point of information, assistance and reporting of single market obstacles to make, achieve and expand your plans throughout the EU.

Your Europe Advice

is a free advice service provided by the EU for the general public.
It consists of a team of legal experts who can cover all the official languages of the EU and are familiar with the national laws of all EU member states.
The information given by Your Europe Advice in answer to individual enquiries is provided under an agreement between the European Commission and the European Citizen Action Service – ECAS.

Single Digital Gateway project in Austria

Single Digital Gateway project 

In 2023, 21 national administrative procedures from all over the EU are due to be fully digitised and made accessible via the Your Europe portal.
In Austria, the Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDG) is being implemented in a number of phases. Find out more here: Project website for implementation of the SDG Regulation in Austria.