Strategies for Austria

Digital responsibility

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Austria wants to and will use digitization in a targeted manner to further develop competitiveness, innovative strength, prosperity, climate protection, health and cultural education - on a departmental basis.

Digitization is not just digitization

An international comparison shows that digital transformation serves different interests in different countries.
The Digital Action Plan Austria is based on the following set of values: The vision of a livable, democratic, digital Austria in 2050 without a controlling state and monopoly companies.
This vision was summed up in the development of the Digital Action Plan with the future image of a "Digital Responsible Society". It is characterized by certain features.

Best possible framework conditions

The state creates the conditions that enable the dynamic digital development of the economy and at the same time safeguard social, economic and political action against crises.
The level of personal responsibility of citizens is high.
Digital skills are moving at a high level throughout society.
On this basis, people can use digitization in all areas of life as independently as possible.

Privacy and information sharing in harmony

Data will only be available in accordance with data protection regulations and will be used many times over. In this context, privacy has a high priority. This ensures, for example, that companies have fair competitive conditions for accessing commercially exploitable data, and that other institutions use data in the interest of the common good. Data partnerships regulate how companies, citizens and the public sector exchange and share data.

Management based on the latest knowledge and expertise

Recognized applications of new technologies developed by private companies and research institutions promote the efficiency of government action. Digital solutions that make it possible to identify political, economic and social vulnerabilities at an early stage play a prominent role here, as do digital solutions for hedging risks in the global environment.

Clear regulatory framework for high legal certainty

Trial and innovation regions that create new open spaces to develop digital technologies, solutions and business models and test them under real conditions play a key role. They make Austria more dynamic as a business location and increase its attractiveness for investors, entrepreneurs and researchers. This benefits sustainable, innovative companies, especially at the SME level. The internationally networked and open education and science system, with its highly qualified specialists and high innovative strength, is an important driver of economic growth in 2040-2050.

The digital actionplan and its initiatives (in German)

icon E-Government Strategy

Many years of intensive cooperation between the federal government, the states, cities and municipalities are pursuing the goal of establishing a uniform, networked and coordinated approach to e-government.


Artificial intelligence (AI) can provide companies with decisive competitive advantages and, at the same time, enable important societal and environmentally necessary transformation processes in the various fields. AI is a cross-cutting technology whose safe and targeted use will make a significant contribution to climate change mitigation and economic recovery from the Corona pandemic.

icon Digital Skills

The Digital Skills Initiative for Austria bundles the quality-assured teaching of basic digital skills in the population and in various fields of activity, such as ICT experts, education, companies and training.