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Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030

Harnessing the potential of AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide companies with decisive competitive advantages and, at the same time, support important socially and ecologically necessary transformation processes in a wide variety of areas.
AI is a cross-cutting technology whose safe and targeted use can make a significant contribution to climate change mitigation and post-Corona pandemic economic recovery.

Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030

Despite all the positive potential of artificial intelligence, it is also important to firmly confront possible dangers. AI must be applied fully in line with European values, in a human-centered way and must be actively designed for the common good of all.
This process requires an in-depth analysis of developments on the technological as well as the societal side.

Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler (BMK)

The federal government's strategy for artificial intelligence

Based on the EU's Coordinated Action Plan on AI, the necessary basic principles for trustworthy AI are defined in AIM AT 2030. In order to develop the potential of trustworthy AI, concrete measures for a functioning AI ecosystem are laid down.

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In addition to these two basic pillars, steps for realizing the potential are shown in very specific AI application fields (annex), which range from climate protection to use in industry or education.


AI technologies and their applications are developing very quickly. For this reason, AIM AT 2030 sets the guidelines within which the use of AI can and should develop in Austria. At the same time, AIM AT 2030 relies on agile, interdisciplinary and participatory implementation and further development.


The AI strategy of the Austrian Federal Government is defined as an agile strategy. News will follow in 2024.

Goals of AIM AT 2030

This strategy is the result of a broad stakeholder process in which over 160 experts from various disciplines were involved. Coordination with the various specialist disciplines, departments involved, companies and the involvement of the general public will also be at the heart of the implementation of the Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030 (AIM AT 2030) and has the following goals:
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The aim is for a broad use of AI that is oriented towards the common good and is carried out in a responsible manner on the basis of fundamental and human rights, basic European values and the upcoming European legal framework.
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Austria should position itself as a research and innovation location for artificial intelligence in key areas and areas of strength.
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The competitiveness of Austria's technology and business location should be secured through the development and use of AI.

Areas of action of AIM AT 2030

Trustworthy AI (define ethical principles, create legal framework, AI in the world of work, create AI standards, security of AI systems, social dialogue).  Creating ecosystems (harnessing data, creating and using knowledge, infrastructure for AI, qualification, education and training, strengthening the competitiveness of the economy, providing funding, modernising public administration with AI) Quelle: BMK/BMF