Digital processes in public administration save time and money. Austria recognised this potential early on and today its public administration system is one of the most advanced in the world. The E-Government Act of 2004 laid the foundations for Austria's digital transformation. The main emphasis is on providing good service for citizens. E-services are intended to help, for example, to bring more efficiency into our daily lives. With your ID Austria account, you can identify yourself digitally and securely anywhere in Austria. The eAusweise (eID) app enables you to keep your documents with you securely on your smartphone: The Digital Driving licences, the Digital Age Verification and the Vehicle Registration Certificate are the first services available on the new digital ID platform, eAusweise.

Electronic ID image for the authorities

eBild is a modern and secure system to transmit ID photos electronically, easily and securely to the relevant authorities. The photographer transmits the passport photo to the eBild system and receives an image identification code. This code can be handed out or sent directly to the customers mobile phone via SMS.
The authorities gain access to the passport photo in the eBild system using the image identification code. 

Data Protection
No personal data or meta data is stored in the eBild system. All communication with the eBild system takes place via encrypted connections on servers operated in Austria.

icon ID Austria

With the “eAusweise” app, citizens can now easily, securely and digitally show the registration certificate data of a motor vehicle registered in their own name in Austria. All with the full ID Austria on their smartphone.


This way you can prove to the executive that your vehicle is properly registered in Austria.

icon ID Austria

Your ID Austria account is your secure digital identity and enables you to identify yourself online, access digital forms of ID and use numerous online services.


It is more modern and versatile than its predecessor and offers more possibilities of carrying out administrative business online – all with the highest possible safety standards.


FinanzOnline gives users online access to the financial authorities at the click of a mouse. With ID Austria, you can complete your income tax return quickly, easily and securely. Once you have filled in all the data and information, you can sign it immediately using ID Austria.

icon Using ID Austria

ID Austria is here! Use it to make dealing with your digital tax return and other official business online simple.


Official channels – same as always: only simpler, online. Many digital official channels in Austria can be accessed using ID Austria. For example, changing your registered primary residence. Use the online registering/de-registering service to record your new primary residence, provided that you de-register your old one at the same time.

icon ID Austria

The eAusweise (eID) app is the smart way to proof your age within Austria.


For maximum protection of your data, the person checking your age can only access your photo, the date when the age verification was last updated and whether you have reached the required age.


Your name and date of birth remain anonymous.

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Receive official documents requiring proof of delivery (RSa and RSb documents) without having to go to the post office. With ID Austria and electronic document delivery, you can avoid getting a "missed delivery" slip and having to go to collect the document.


You just have to register for electronic document delivery, once and free of charge, and then you can receive official documents conveniently via My Mailbox.