Führerscheinkontrolle mit dem eFührerschein, der am Smartphone hergezeigt werden kann. Mann sitzt im Auto, Polizist steht vor dem Auto und kontrolliert


The digital vehicle registration certificate is available!


With the “eAusweise” app, citizens can now easily, securely and digitally show the registration certificate data of a motor vehicle registered in their own name in Austria. All with the full ID Austria on their smartphone.
This way you can prove to the executive that your vehicle is properly registered in Austria.

Benefits of a digital vehicle regist. certificate:


Always with you on your Smartphone


Absolutely secure thanks to encrypted transmission, can only be used in Austria


Can also be used in registered ownership communities for natural persons

During a traffic check, a QR code that is valid for a short time is generated. The person you are talking to scans this QR code and can check the necessary data on their own device. The digital registration certificate can only be used in Austria and either together with the digital driving license or independently. Even in registration ownership communities, it is possible for those owners who are natural persons to load and present the digital registration certificate data.

All you need is the ID Austria and the “eAusweise” app from the appropriate app store.

You can find out everything else you need to know about the digital registration certificate at oesterreich.gv.at.


The digital ID platform "eAusweise" is the technical basis for the secure and data protection-compliant implementation of digital IDs.

In order to be able to use the digital vehicle registration certificate, you must switch from the mobile phone signature to the ID Austria with full functionality.
The ID Austria is the key to all public digital services in Austria. With ID Austria, online transactions and contacts with authorities can be processed easily, securely, digitally and quickly.
In addition, ID Austria enables new application options such as the proof of age on a smartphone and is based on EU-wide standards. 
Get your ID Austria at the Finanzamt!