Digitales Amt (Digital Office)

The office of the future: Digital Office app 

Citizens can use the central online platform to find information at any time and wherever they are, on their desktops or mobile devices, and conduct their official transactions – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Es ist eine Umrisskarte von Österreich zu sehen, die aus vielen verschiedenen Menschen gebildet wurde.

In, Austria has a comprehensive online platform that enables its citizens to download information and conduct their official business from their computers or mobile devices, at any time and wherever they are. Users can perform a centralised, multi-platform full-text search on the Business Service Portal, Legal Information System and portals. And once users have logged on to, many other services become accessible with a single sign-on, such as the electronic mailbox My Mailbox, the Family Bonus Plus calculator and the FinanzOnline, "Meine SV" (your account on the social security platform) and JustizOnline portals.

Furthermore, all the services on are perfectly compatible with the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app, which can be downloaded from app stores free of charge to smartphones and tablets, so it can be used at any time and from anywhere via ID Austria, using Face or Touch ID.


The Digitales Amt (Digital Office) public administration project
This reform project was launched with the aim of digitalising official channels as fully as possible and making them available to citizens and businesses. The Digitales Amt public administration project creates the legal and organisational framework for all administrative services throughout Austria to be fully and securely digitalised. It takes account of technical, legal and organisational perspectives and processes.  
A high priority for the project was to take a multi-agency approach, incorporating all relevant players at national, federal and municipal level. National and international experience, the latest technological developments and the needs of all parties are all factored in.
The Digitales Amt public administration project coordinates the way digitalisation projects such as, etc. are communicated, to ensure that the necessary legal conditions are in place. This takes place in consultation with the Federal Chancellery (BKA) and the relevant specialist departments. 

Digital transformation: principles for the future

The Austrian legal framework formulates the basic principles of digital government services and supports continuous further development of the digitalisation process.

Everything revolves around people

Principle: everything revolves around people. People's needs, and the legal structures, are fundamental to the development of digital government services. Digital services are available to all and should be as easy as possible to find and use.

Administrative agencies design innovative services

Principle: administrative agencies design innovative services for a digital future. Government administrative agencies should be open to modern working methods and technologies and willing to put them to good use to increase efficiency. New initiatives and innovations in digital services should make life simpler.

Digital sovereignty

Principle: administrative agencies create the conditions for establishing digital sovereignty. Establishing digital sovereignty is essential if the administrative agencies are to carry out their core tasks; it is achieved by having sufficient expertise in the administrative agencies and by selecting suitable operators.

Building up trust

Principle: building up trust is a priority for all concerned. Transparency, complying with high security and data protection standards and good communication to keep people informed form the basis for trust in public administration procedures. People in Austria are also able to feed in their ideas, expertise and feedback.

Video instructions on YouTube for signing up for the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app