Mobile government

Official services via and the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) mobile app. brings together all the online official services that can be used with an ID Austria and Face or Touch ID.

For, official channels have been completely restructured, digitally. Opinion polls and Citizens’ conferences were used to identify the wishes of the general population. For example, with about 800,000 changes of address in Austria every year, four out of five people wanted to be able to change their place of residence online. 800,000 requests for voting cards are made for each election, so two-thirds of people wanted to be able to do this online; there are 80,000 births each year, and nearly half of parents are pleased that certificates can now be issued online.

Digital services are intended to help people in their daily lives and work. This requires innovative ideas, standards and state-of-the-art technology to help people, businesses and the administrative agencies.

Digital official services

Electronic mailbox My Mailbox
Official documents sent electronically can be collected at any time from your electronic mailbox, My Mailbox. This service is available when you log in to and in the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app and also on the Business Service Portal. To get started, you have to have a digital identity (ID Austria). A notification is sent to your registered email address as soon as a new document has arrived.

A chatbot as an administrative assistant
Citizens using the new official services and the app are assisted by a chatbot called MONA who provides advice and help with using official channels. This service is continuously being upgraded.
Push notifications: a new service in the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app
Citizens using the Digitales Amt app can keep themselves quickly and directly informed of any innovations that affect them, by means of push notifications: for example, if they use the Digital Babypoint or if their passport or ID card is about to expire – provided they have signed up for the reminder service. As well as a notification by email, they now also get a message sent directly to their smartphone, without having to be actively using the app.

Certificate Service
allows you to order birth certificates free of charge, as well as excerpts from names, marriages or registgered partnerships.

Furthermore, all the services on are perfectly compatible with the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app, which can be downloaded from app stores free of charge to smartphones and tablets, so it can be used at any time and from anywhere via ID Austria, using Face or Touch ID.

Digital official services


Services from Austria's judicial system can be conveniently downloaded using the Digitales Amt app. The platform for the Austrian judicial system offers online information and services that have been greatly expanded. Documents about legal cases can be downloaded digitally. This platform is also the first port of call if you need an extract from the Companies Register or Land Register, or have any other questions about judicial matters in Austria.

Change of residence

In the event of a change of residence, all registration processes are available digitally and easily at So you can de-register your old primary residence and register the new one, including for minors who are registered at the same address, without going to the registration office. Once you have completed the registration and de-registration, the confirmation is stored in a secure online vault.

Digital Babypoint

The Digital Babypoint leaves you more time for your family: a personalised checklist ensures that you don't miss any important dates to do with birth and pregnancy. Birth certificates, proof of nationality, confirmation that a child has been registered at the parent's place of residence and delivery of an e-Card can all be requested electronically.

Requesting a voting card

Requesting a voting card is another service that is available online. People have already used it on their desktop or smartphone for certain elections, with all their known data being already filled in. This central, national system is used by almost all municipalities. Cases where it can be used include National Council and Provincial Assembly elections and elections for the federal president.

Passport reminder service

The passport reminder service, based directly on the identity documents register (IDR), can be activated via up to 850,000 passports a year expire, so now a reminder email six months before your passport or ID card is due to expire ensures that your holiday preparations are stress-free. You can also save a copy of your passport securely online in the e-Tresor online vault.

eAusweise (eID) – app

The eAusweise (eID) app now offers a simple, secure and digital way to present your driving licence or proof of age on your smartphone. Simply share your ID data at the press of a button, contactless. It is also possible for citizens to present the registration certificate data of a vehicle registered in their own name in Austria simply, securely and digitally on their smartphone. In the future more documents will follow.

The smartphone penetration rate is very high in Austria. So a logical consequence of this is to make as many digital administrative services as possible available for mobile end devices.

Services that are already available include multi-platform searches on, etc., information about official services and administrative channels, up-to-date information from the administrative agencies and, with a single sign-on (SSO), use of FinanzOnline, the Business Service Portal (, Meine SV (your account on the social security platform), the Transparency Portal, My Mailbox and the e-Tresor online vault.

With the eAusweise (eID) app and ID Austria with full functionality, you can also have a digital driving licence, student ID card and proof of identity. There are instructions in the video for how to switch from a mobile phone signature to ID Austria.