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With effect from 05.12.2023, ID Austria is replacing mobile phone signatures. Switch now!


ID Austria is the key to the convenient world of online services. With electronic proof of identity, citizens can access official channels easily online, sign documents digitally and have their ID documents available at all times on their smartphone.

Switch over to step up

From 5 December 2023, ID Austria will be in regular use, replacing the old mobile phone signature. Everything that could previously be done with a mobile phone signature will continue to be possible with ID Austria. It takes just a few clicks to switch. 

ID Austria is a further development of the now outdated mobile phone signature. It is the key form of national digital ID and enables secure digital online identification, secure digital ID documents and easy use of digital services. ID Austria can also be used to access the eAusweise platform so you can present a digital driving licence and digital proof of age.

Highest security and data protection standards

By replacing the mobile phone signature with ID Austria, Austria is not only complying with EU requirements but even playing a pioneering role, because ID Austria meets the highest security and data protection standards and is the key to all online official channels. Switching from mobile phone signatures to ID Austria represents a big step up, making online government services even more secure and convenient and providing the basis for all digital forms of identification.

Varied uses

With ID Austria, it's possible to perform over 200 official transactions online, round the clock and even on your smartphone. It's also easy to sign documents digitally. With ID Austria, the tedious business of printing out, signing and scanning, simply to send one document, is a thing of the past. Furthermore, the modern ID Austria system also enables the use of digital forms of ID such as digital driving licences.

Greater efficiency

Digitalisation is intended to make our lives easier and processes more efficient. Already, ID Austria is hugely simplifying citizens' lives, with around 200 digital applications. For me, that's digitalisation that helps.

Easy to switch

Everything that users could previously do with mobile phone signatures can also be done with the up-to-date ID Austria system. It's already possible to switch from your old mobile phone signature to ID Austria, online and fast. From 5 December this year, users of a mobile phone signature will be automatically guided through the necessary steps to switch.

ID Austria - basic and full versions

If your mobile phone signature was not issued by a government authority (but by social security or a bank, for example), it can only be switched online to an ID Austria account with basic functionality. Of course, all the services that you could use with your mobile phone signature continue to be usable.
However, if the mobile phone signature was issued by a government authority (by a local authority, district administrative authority, tax office or FinanzOnline), it can be easily and conveniently switched in an online process to an ID Austria account with full functionality. That means you can also use the new ID platform eAusweise (eID), including a digital driving licence and digital proof of age.

Take advantage of ID Austria:


More secure proof of identity, online and offline


Carry out official transactions quickly, conveniently and from anywhere


Over 200 digital applications to do with public administration and business

ID Austria is your electronic signature, enabling you to carry out official transactions online and making it really easy to sign documents electronically. It is, in other words, your key to Austria's secure online services. As of 2023, it is also recognised throughout the EU.

Go digital with ID Austria – e.g. on FinanzOnline

With ID Austria, one of the things you can do is sign up to FinanzOnline, so you can deal with your tax return conveniently online, make other applications or obtain information. The digital proof of identity that ID Austria provides enables you not only to sign in completely securely to use FinanzOnline's electronic services, but also to add a legally valid electronic signature to documents.

Digital signatures with ID Austria – e.g. when you move house

With ID Austria, you can register your new primary residence online, provided that you de-register your old one at the same time.
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Identify yourself using ID Austria – for example with a digital driving licence

With an e-driving licence, you have proof on your smartphone that you are entitled to drive, so you can present it at any time in a roadside check.

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Proof of age – just the same as before: now on your smartphone

ID Austria and the eAusweise (eID) app are the smart ways to prove your age within Austria.

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Collect official documents at your convenience

With electronic document delivery, ID Austria means that official documents can be delivered to an electronic mailbox instead of to your letterbox. So citizens can download the documents they have been sent online at any time, wherever they are. Whether it's an extract from a criminal record or a certificate of registration – with electronic document delivery, the sending and receiving of important documents is even more convenient and, of course, strictly confidential.

icon Activating ID Austria

Get your ID Austria account from the tax office!

Your ID Austria account is your secure digital identity and enables you to identify yourself online, access digital forms of ID and use numerous online services.


With just a few steps which you can carry out at home and then activate at your tax office, hundreds of applications become available to you. These include, for example, a digital driving licence or proof of age on your smartphone, and easy, up-to-date access to FinanzOnline and many other e-government services.


Note: Foreign nationals can only register for an ID Austria account at a regional police headquarters.