Führerscheinkontrolle mit dem eFührerschein, der am Smartphone hergezeigt werden kann. Mann sitzt im Auto, Polizist steht vor dem Auto und kontrolliert


The digital driving licence: always with you on your smartphone


With a digital driving licence, you have your authorisation to drive on your smartphone, so you can present it at any time in a roadside check or in a private setting. The eAusweise app is the smart way to have your digital driving licence to hand quickly, wherever you happen to need it.

The benefits of a digital driving licence:


Always with you on your smartphone


Completely secure thanks to encrypted transmission


Also usable offline

Anyone in Austria who currently has a credit card-style driving licence can now put their authorisation to drive on their mobile phone, quickly and free of charge. The digital driving licence is your digital proof, which you can present to law enforcement agencies in roadside checks or to private individuals. If you have your digital driving licence with you, you no longer need to carry your physical driving licence in Austria. All you need to get one is ID Austria and the eAusweise app, downloaded from your app store. Find out anything else you need to know about digital driving licences at oesterreich.gv.at.

ein Smartphone mit dem QR Code des digitalen Führerscheins wird aus dem Auto heraus gezeigt. Der Exekutivbeamte - man sieht nur den Ärmel - wird überprüfen. Quelle: © BMI Karl Schober

October 2023: over 380,000 digital driving licences already activated

The digital ID platform constitutes the technical foundation for introducing digital forms of ID that are secure and in compliance with data protection requirements. Now, with the digital driving licence, Austria's first digital form of ID has been available for just one year and already over 380,000 digital driving licences are in use. The digital driving licence was launched one year ago.

Modern proof of identity

With the introduction of the digital driving licence one year ago, we reached an important milestone in the digitalisation of public forms of ID. With ID Austria as the basis for all digital forms of ID, not only have we developed a modern way to prove identity – it also makes an important contribution to cybersecurity in Austria. It prevents identity theft and curbs cybercrime.

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner
Digital ID documents: practical and simple

Digitalisation is reaching all areas of life and can make our lives easier and processes more efficient. Austria has always been a pioneer in e-government and now its digital ID platform brings digital ID documents to your smartphone. It's practical and simple and means that they can be checked securely. The digital driving licence was our first electronic form of ID and I am delighted that it has been so well received, with 380,000 activated already.

State Secretary for Digitalisation Florian Tursky

In order to use the digital driving licence, you have to switch from a mobile phone signature to ID Austria with full functionality. ID Austria is the key to all public online services in Austria. With ID Austria, online transactions and contact with public authorities can be handled simply, securely, digitally and quickly. ID Austria also enables new areas of use, such as the ID documents function on your smartphone. It is based on EU-wide standards.
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