Oesterreich.gv.at public administration project

The whole oesterreich.gv.at project is being implemented by the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) together with the Federal Computing Centre (BRZ).

In order to set up new, digitalised official channels, the E-Government Act, the Registration Act, the Civil Status Act and the Passport Act had to be amended.
On the technical side, Austria's e-government infrastructure had to be updated, with standardised content management for all government departments, new authentication solutions (Face ID and Touch ID) and user interfaces optimised for smartphones.
Data protection under the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is ensured thanks to the tried and tested security of the ID Austria, transparent data processing, full control of personal data and highly secure hosting in the Federal Computing Centre.

Citizens can use the central online platform oesterreich.gv.at to find information at any time and wherever they are, on their desktops or mobile devices, and conduct their official transactions – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

The project in figures

  • 50 project team members
  • 4 amended laws
  • 9 new interfaces
  • 20 productive systems
  • 5,000 information pages
  • 11 new programs
  • 14 connected systems
  • 1 central platform


Technical details about the project

New technical interfaces

  • Interface with A-Trust (to integrate the mobile phone signature)
  • Binding service (issuing security certificates for the app)
  • New Ministry of the Interior (BMI) interfaces (Register of Residents, Register of Identity Documents, Central Civil Status Register)
  • Integration of a PDF signature service for signing documents electronically
  • SAML interface for web connections

The latest IT security

  • All components implemented in testing/quality/productive stages
  • All productive systems implemented at two locations for fail-safe reliability (invoked by a load balancer as required)
  • A dedicated public-key infrastructure is used for binding the app with certificates

Use of state-of-the-art technology

  • 20 productive systems involved, incl. shared services with the federal government (in the interests of cost efficiency)
  • Use of the Magnolia CMS and web portal (new CMS underpinning all federal government websites)
  • Use of Shibboleth open-source software for access management and SSO technology
  • The Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app is programmed as a hybrid app based on the Ionic framework (user interfaces are developed using the Angular open-source framework)
  • The oesterreich.gv.at platform is developed on the principle of continuous integration, based on Maven, Jenkins, Artifactory, Git, Spring Boot