weibliche Hand hält ein Smartphone mit Schlüssellog der ID Austria und Schriftzug ID Austria


Registered letters requiring proof of delivery – just the same as before: now conveniently online.


An electronic mailbox for all official documents: you can do it with ID Austria. With electronic document delivery to "Mein Postkorb" (My Mailbox), you no longer need to go to the post office and present your ID in order to collect a document.

The benefits of electronic document delivery:


Secure delivery of your official documents, including those requiring proof of delivery (RSa and RSb documents)


Open 7 days a week – 24 hours a day, accessible worldwide


No more "missed delivery" slips

Simply register once to receive documents from official bodies delivered securely to your free electronic mailbox.

Citizens can set up Mein Postkorb at oesterreich.gv.at or in the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app. Businesses can use Mein Postkorb in the Business Service Portal (usp.gv.at).

Every time there is a new message for you in Mein Postkorb, you will be promptly informed by email. Once you have set up Mein Postkorb, you can collect messages, print them out, forward them by email etc.

As soon as a new mail arrived a push notification at the locked screen and in the app can be seen.
No further identification is required in the registered area of the app Digitales Amt. Mein Postkorb can be reached via the symbol of the envelope in the upper right area of the screen of the electronic device.

Smartphone mit der Pushnachricht Post in Mein Postkorb Quelle: BMF
Mein Postkorb/My Mailbox

The electronic mailbox Mein Postkorb is your central and secure mailbox for receiving official documents.