Electronic document delivery

If the conducting of official business online is to be successful, users need not only to be able to make applications online, but also to receive digital acknowledgement by the agency that the matter has been dealt with.

This is done by means of electronic document delivery to My Mailbox.

Electronic document delivery complies with higher security standards than email correspondence: the delivered documents can only be accessed by the authorised recipient using ID Austria or their mobile phone signature.

In the case of messages that require proof of delivery (RSa and RSb documents), confirmation of receipt is sent to the relevant authority when they are picked up.

Electronic deliveries to My Mailbox are free of charge for the recipient.

Registering for individual citizens

Citizens can sign in to the oesterreich.gv.at website with their ID Austria account/mobile phone signature or use the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) smartphone app and open My Mailbox in the overview of services. To register for electronic document delivery in My Mailbox, they need to enter an email address for notifications and activate it using the "Register now" button.

Registering for companies

Businesses need to have an account on the Business Service Portal (Unternehmensserviceportal, USP) in order to use My Mailbox. After signing in to the USP using their ID Austria account/mobile phone signature, the officials authorised to deal with a business's mail can open My Mailbox. To register for electronic document delivery in My Mailbox, they need to enter an email address for notifications and activate it.

Receiving official documents electronically

Being able to receive registered letters requiring proof of delivery (RSb documents) and registered letters for the addressee only (RSa documents) electronically as well as by post is becoming more and more important for both private citizens and businesses.  

The big advantage of My Mailbox is that the recipient does not have to be present at the moment when the document is delivered to a postal address, nor do they have to collect a physical document from a post office.

A registered letter that has been delivered electronically remains in My Mailbox for at least 14 days and will be available in an electronic PO Box for a further eight weeks. Temporary absences, for example for holiday or illness, can be reported and no documents will be delivered electronically during those times. In those cases the delivery will be made by post.

At a business, authorised persons can login to My Mailbox on the Business Service Portal and download official documents online – including those where confirmation of delivery is required (RSa, RSb).

Benefits of electronic document delivery

  • Documents from administrative agencies are delivered securely and treated confidentially. My Mailbox is spam-free.
  • My Mailbox can be accessed anywhere in the world and opened at any time.
  • No more missed delivery slips because you were not at home when the postman tried to deliver the document.
  • Shorter processing times because the system is accessible to all parties concerned.
  • Reduced costs for the public administration system.
  • It is possible to have documents forwarded to the ERV (elektronischer Rechtsverkehr, electronic legal communication) system.
  • My Mailbox can be incorporated in a business's own system using their corporate or processing software; this means that messages can be accepted automatically.


Electronic document delivery to My Mailbox: receive official documents online, fast and securely.
For private individuals: at oesterreich.gv.at or via the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) mobile phone app (available for Android and iOS).
For businesses: at usp.gv.at.


As soon as a new mail arrived a push notification at the locked screen and in the app can be seen.
No further identification is required in the registered area of the app Digitales Amt. Mein Postkorb can be reached via the symbol of the envelope in the upper right area of the screen of the electronic device.

Smartphone mit der Pushnachricht Post in Mein Postkorb Quelle: BMF


Contact for citizens: buergerservice.oegv@brz.gv.at
Contact for businesses: info@usp.gv.at