One-stop-shop principle

Carrying out virtual official business should be as uncomplicated as possible and users should be able to deal with it via a single portal: that is the aim of the one-stop-shop principle, which has already led to far-reaching innovations in Austria.

The government portal helps individual citizens to save time and reduce bureaucracy, while the business service portal usp.gv. does the same for businesses. Once a process has been started, it is forwarded or assigned to the relevant department within the public administration system.

Which one-stop-shops are there?

  • The Business Service Portal (Unternehmensserviceportal, USP) is the central information and service platform for business owners. It enables them to conduct important legal transactions online, from setting up a company to submitting electronic invoices to public bodies or using over 100 other public services with a single sign-in. 
  • On the government portal, Austrian citizens can conduct certain official business – such as changing their main residence or applying for a voting card – online. Information can be found here about a range of administrative matters such as inheritance law or the current legislation on drones.


The aim of the one-stop-shop principle is to enable a range of administrative processes to be dealt with via a single portal.