Once-only principle

"Once-only" means that data only needs to be provided and recorded once. So private individuals and businesses no longer need to present information to authorities multiple times: once is sufficient. The data is not stored centrally but is exchanged between authorised bodies using an interface and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Examples of its use range from social security services sharing information to child benefit being paid via FinanzOnline as soon as a child is born, with no need to apply for it.

The once-only principle reduces bureaucracy in official channels.

The public administration system puts current technologies such as automation to good use, enabling existing data to be used on the move and across agencies as far as is legally possible (the once-only principle).

Processes are set up in such a way that media discontinuity is avoided and the same processes can be used across all agencies.


The aim of the once-only principle is for individuals and businesses not to have to provide the same data twice when using official channels.