Power of Attorney Service

A power of attorney enables a natural or legal entity to act in the name of another and represent them in official transactions. Citizens are able to delegate online processes to a representative. Legal entities (for example a private limited company, association or foundation) can appoint an authorised person to handle administrative processes. This requires an electronic power of attorney which can be obtained using the representative's ID Austria account or mobile phone signature. The granting of the power of attorney is confirmed in the online Power of Attorney service run by the SourcePIN Register Authority (Stammzahlenregisterbehörde).

Citizens can also authorise a legal representative at their local municipality or district administrative authority to make Citizen Card-based online applications on their behalf. Such an online application is signed using the legal representative's ID Austria account/mobile phone signature.

Not all official channels allow such representation. The relevant online procedure needs to support the power of attorney functionality technically. When applying for or collecting a passport or criminal record certificate, or getting married, appearing in person at least once is essential for identification purposes.

How do I grant a power of attorney?

With the Power of Attorney Service, a person can be authorised to represent another using their own ID Austria account/mobile phone signature. Both the donor and the recipient must have an ID Austria account/mobile phone signature.

An authorised natural person (individual) must be over the age of majority.

For an electronic power of attorney, the following information is required for the authorised person:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Postcode
  • Email address
  • Duration of the power of attorney 
When you sign in to the Power of Attorney Service, you can see an overview of the authorisations you have granted and you have the option of managing them.

Power of attorney for companies

Certain authorisations, for example for handling customs and import procedures or mail for other companies or natural persons, can be granted in the Business Service Portal (Unternehmensserviceportal, USP). They simply have to be registered.

Obtaining power of attorney on the basis of the Supplementary Register for Other Data Subjects, Companies Register or Central Register of Associations

Powers of representation that have been entered in the Supplementary Register for Other Data Subjects, Companies Register or Central Register of Associations are automatically included in the Power of Attorney service.


The Power of Attorney service enables legal entities to transfer a power of representation quickly and simply using a Citizen Card, mobile phone signature or ID Austria.

Legal basis:
§ 9 der Stammzahlenregisterbehördenverordnung 2009, BGBl. II Nr. 330/2009 i.V.m. dem § 5 des 
E-Government-Gesetzes BGBl. I Nr. 10/2004


SourcePIN Register Authority (Stammzahlenregisterbehörde): post.szrb@bka.gv.at