No-stop-shop principle

The no-stop-shop goes one step further than the one-stop-shop principle.

With the one-stop-shop, there is one portal where the majority of applications can be submitted with a single login. In Austria, this is the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app or the portal.

The no-stop-shop does away with any need to take the initiative in this way. On the basis of existing, register-based information, services are proactively offered to citizens in advance. This means that, for certain administrative matters, there is no longer any need for contact with the authority concerned.

This reduces the burden on the public administration system and makes it more efficient. It also reduces waiting times for citizens and saves them filling out forms. 

Which no-stop-shops are there?

  • Since 2015/2016, income tax forms have been sent without having to be applied for.
  • Payment of child benefit begins as soon as the child is born, with no need to apply for it.
  • The Klimabonus (climate bonus) is also transferred this way, if the user's account details on FinanzOnline are up-to-date. Alternatively, a voucher will be sent.


The no-stop-shop principle means that public bodies deal with administrative matters proactively on the basis of available data and with no need to make contact with private individuals.