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The Ö-Cloud (Austrian Cloud) Initiative: Secure our data treasure


The handling of data is a decisive success factor for digital transformation. When data is shared and reused, it does not become less, but provides new information and applications. If Austria and Europe succeed in utilising the wealth of data even better and in a more targeted manner, this will give us more innovative strength, greater competitiveness and better crisis resilience.


The COVID crisis has shown: We need more independence and less dependence. This relates to data sovereignty and the availability of digital services. The Ö-Cloud initiative provides a strong impetus."

Trust in standards and services

Standards in data protection, cyber security, data exchange, transparency, openness and reliability are crucial so that Austrian companies - and SMEs in particular - can make even better use of the opportunities offered by cloud and related services. This is because the key issue with cloud services is the trust of users in the quality and standards of the providers. It creates the necessary standardised framework so that our companies' wealth of data is secured in the best possible way and at the same time can be better used for value creation and jobs.

Exciting data from the KPMG Cloud Monitor 2021

oval 86 %

of cloud users attribute a rather large to very large contribution to the digitisation of their company to the cloud

oval 63 %

of domestic companies with more than 20 employees work in the cloud. (+16% compared to 2020)

oval 51 %

of respondents state that they will run the majority of productive applications from the cloud in 2025

Bringing supply and utilisation together

The Ö-Cloud initiative promotes secure data management and data utilisation in our companies. To this end, the merger of domestic cloud providers into a digital security network is being supported. Providers of cloud services in Austria complete a self-evaluation according to strict and transparent security standards. You will receive the Ö-Cloud seal of approval for this. It gives customers the security of knowing that their data is managed securely in Austria or Europe - and that data cannot be misappropriated.

Data & Facts

Cloud usage on the rise in Austria

63% of Austrian companies are already actively using cloud solutions, an increase of 16% compared to the previous year. Around 30% of companies are planning to use cloud computing, while cloud computing is not relevant for only 7% of companies.

Security remains a key issue

The most important factor for domestic companies is and remains trust in cloud services: 70% of companies do not use cloud services because they are afraid of unauthorised access to sensitive company data, while a further 68% fear the loss of data according to the KPMG Cloud Monitor 2021

Cloud is the future for many companies

Companies that already have cloud experience and are using cloud solutions estimate that they will have an average of just over half of their productive applications (51 per cent) in the cloud by 2025.

Was schätzen Sie, wie viele Prozent Ihrer produktiven Anwendungen werden Sie im Jahr 2025 aus der Cloud beziehen?  Insgesamt: 51,3%  20-49 Mitarbeiter: 50,8%  50-249 Mitarbeiter: 51,3%  250+ Mitarbeiter: 56,6%

Gaia-X - a secure European data infrastructure

A secure European data infrastructure is an important prerequisite for Europe's future competitiveness.
The Europe-wide Gaia-X initiative is developing a comprehensive ecosystem of national and European data spaces that is supported by numerous stakeholders from business, research and administration. Openness, transparency and European connectivity should characterise the digital ecosystem and ensure that companies and business models from Europe can be competitive.
To this end, framework conditions and requirements are being developed for a powerful, secure and trustworthy European data infrastructure. The decentralised and federated architecture of Gaia-X is a success factor for the development of innovative and data-sovereign solutions.  

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icon Gaia-X Hub Austria

Austria is an active participant in the Gaia-X initiative.

The federal government will realise the hub together with Austrian industry and science. The Gaia-X Hub coordinates and bundles Austrian stakeholders and activities for a common European data space.


An important issue when using cloud services is users' trust in the provider's standards and compliance with them. Austrian data should not be misused. Cloud providers who support these principles and set themselves high quality standards are to be awarded their own Ö-Cloud seal of approval. The Ö-Cloud seal of approval is issued by the Austrian Cloud Computing Industry Association "Eurocloud". 


Providers of cloud services in Austria receive the Ö-Cloud seal of approval if they successfully complete the self-evaluation process of the Ö-Cloud initiative. The path to the seal of approval is clearly structured and transparent for everyone involved. Some companies have already gone down this path and are authorised to bear the official Ö-Cloud seal of approval and use it in their communications.


"We see the Ö-Cloud as a fundamental step towards developing Austria into an integrated and, above all, independent digital nation. Every company in the country can thus become part of a digital ecosystem that contributes its products and services in order to achieve Austria's major goal of becoming a digital pioneer nation in Europe."

Alexander Windbichler, CEO Anexia

"National value creation and data storage is currently more important than ever before - not just for us as part of the critical infrastructure, but for all our private and business customers. For this reason, we fully support the Ö-Cloud initiative."

Mag. Natascha Kantauer-Gansch, CCO Consumer, A1 Telekom Austria

"We are clearly committed to Austria's importance as a digitisation and business location and are therefore continuously expanding our Vienna data centre campus. For 20 years now, Interxion has been helping domestic companies of all sectors and sizes to process their data securely and with high availability in Austria."

Martin Madlo, MBA, Managing Director, Interxion Österreich

"We are proud to be part of the Ö-Cloud core team. We have been putting the primary goals of the Ö-Cloud into practice for a long time. Transparency and the protection of critical data are extremely important to our customers. We can offer this security at all times, as our Austrian data centres meet the strictest quality guidelines."

DI Bernhard Peham, Head of Sector, eww ITandTEL.

The advantages of a standardised Austrian cloud landscape

Advantages for users

8More success: The use of secure cloud applications and innovative services opens up new economic opportunities for companies.

More data sovereignty: Your own data stays where you want it to - in Austria or Europe.

More security: The data is securely stored and managed in accordance with strict standards (e.g. GDPR).

More reliability: Data that is to be deleted is also securely and irretrievably removed.

Advantages for providers

More customers: The Ö-Cloud seal of approval is a clear signal to the market as proof of quality and opens up new customer potential.

More cooperation: The Ö-Cloud Initiative facilitates cooperation with other European cloud providers (GAIA-X) and gives domestic providers a competitive edge.

Increased location attractiveness: Austria will be strengthened as a location for the data economy and become more attractive internationally.