Digitales Amt (Digital Office)

Digitales Amt is the mobile version of It enables users to deal with official business online round the clock, on their smartphone or tablet. The app also offers detailed information about public administration services for various situations in life. Digitales Amt is available free of charge for Apple and Android smartphones.

The aim of the project is to lay the legal and organisational foundations for the complete and secure digitalisation of the Austrian public administration system.

Although, on the one hand, digitalisation presents the public administration system with huge challenges, on the other, it also offers many new opportunities to simplify services for citizens.

What does the Digitales Amt app help me to do?

Digital official business

  • The Digitales Amt app enables users to deal with official business quickly and easily, round the clock. 
  • It includes the main official channels and groups them together on the basis of situations in life. For example, the administrative steps associated with the birth of a child can be handled via the "Digital Babypoint". You can also find an overview of the main deadlines connected with pregnancy and birth (e.g. Mother-Child Health Passport tests) in the Digitales Amt app. Documents such as birth certificates, evidence of citizenship or an e-card for the child can be applied for online. 
  • In Austria, there are about 800,000 changes of address every year. Registering, de-registering and amending the registration of your place of residence can be dealt with quickly and easily using the Digitales Amt app. Once you have completed the change of residence, the digital confirmation of registration is stored securely in the app.    
  • Other official documents can also be delivered or saved in the app – for example, your passport or your digital driving licence or digital proof of age.
  • Another function of the app is the ability to sign documents digitally using ID Austria. 
  • You can also apply for a voting card using the app – for example, for elections to the National Council or Provincial Assembly or for presidential elections.
  • Excerpts from the Central Civil Status Register (Zentrales Personenstandsregister, ZPR) can be ordered using the document service (with costs)

Official information services

As well as enabling users to access official channels online, the Digitales Amt app also offers extensive official information on the following subjects:

  • Work and pensions
  • Building work, housing and the environment
  • Education and new media
  • Documents and the law
  • Family and partners
  • Women
  • Leisure and road traffic
  • Health and emergencies
  • Young people
  • Living in Austria 
  • People with disabilities 
  • Senior citizens 
  • Social services 
  • Taxes and finance

How do I use the Digitales Amt app?

Register with a valid ID Austria account

  • The Digitales Amt app can be obtained free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • You can register using ID Austria or your mobile phone signature. If you use your mobile phone signature, it will be automatically converted into ID Austria the first time you log in. For security reasons, ID Austria can only be activated in the Digitales Amt app using your fingerprint or by facial recognition.
  • For the next step, you need to enter the number of your passport or ID card, if you have logged in using your mobile phone signature. If you used ID Austria, this step is omitted.
  • Then an electronic signature is provided and the signature request is completed.

Make a new registration without a valid ID Austria account or mobile phone signature

  • The Digitales Amt app can be obtained free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • First, you have to pre-register online in the Digitales Amt app.
  • Within 30 days of pre-registering online, you must confirm your identity to your local authority. The local authority will then issue your personal ID Austria print-out with a QR code and you can begin the registration process in the Digitales Amt app. Finally, in order to carry out and verify your registration, you will need to enter a TAN (Transaction Authentication Number) sent by your local authority. Once this connection has been made, in future, you will be able to open the app using ID Austria. 
  • The registration process must be completed within three months using a second device such as a laptop. 
  • If you do not have your mobile phone with you when you go to the office, or you do not wish to give your mobile phone number to the local authority, the ID Austria printout will be sent to you in the post by registered letter for the addressee only (RSa document). You can then link your account at home when your mobile phone is available.

When the Digitales Amt app is ready for use

Once the Digitales Amt app has been installed and linked to ID Austria, users will receive push notifications on their smartphone about documents awaiting signature. A digital signature can be provided in the app using fingerprint or facial recognition.

Who can use Digitales Amt

  • Citizens over the age of 14
  • Business owners
  • People with a connection to Austria (for example, through their employment)


The Digitales Amt app combines the services of It allows people to deal with their official business efficiently and easily. It also enables users to call up a great deal of official information quickly.