Digital Austria Data Exchange (dadeX)

The Registers and Systems Network – also called the Digital Austria Data Exchange or dadeX for short – is a central, high-availability platform that serves as a data hub.

dadeX speeds up the digitalisation of administrative processes, because, provided the correct legal basis is in place, data can be sent via a central interface to any administrative institution which requests it. This reduces the time and expense involved and also enables enquiries to be processed more quickly. Excellent data quality and protection against forgery are guaranteed.

Once Only Visualisation

dadeX is symbolised here by the data hub positioned between the individual registers and the data consumer.

Data hub for administrative agencies

dadeX (Digital Austria Data Exchange), originally called the Registers and Systems Network, is a central and efficient data hub for use by Austria's administrative agencies accessible to the state, the federal provinces, cities and municipalities. The idea is that this system can be used to make data which is known to individual authorities and stored in their databases available to other administrative bodies. 

Supports the Once-Only Principle

The Registers and Systems Network enables applications connected to it to download data quickly, securely and in high quality directly from the data sources connected to the system – i.e. register data. 
Unauthorised access to data is prevented by checking to ensure that a legal basis is in place. Using dadeX can reduce the number of times data has to be provided to different authorities. 

dadeX in Verbindung mit der Informationsverpflichtungsdatenbank. Unterstützt das once only Principle bei der Abfrage der Informationslieferung. Registerabfrage.

The availability of the Once-Only-Platform helps to cut bureaucracy, modernise the administrative agencies and reduce the burden on businesses and citizens.
dadeX – or the Registers and Systems Network – is the central hub on the once-only platform and supports efficient data exchange between administrative agencies.
The Database of Information Requirements (IVDB) contains the information requirements (IVP) that apply in Austria and the necessary associated notifications. It serves as the basis for complying with the regulations.


Innovative platform: dadeX (Digital Austria Data Exchange) is a central, high-availability platform that serves as a data hub.