Impact areas

The digital transformation affects us as a society in almost all aspects of our lives. Digital skills need to be boosted so that people can use digital services easily and, increasingly, on the move, and also so that they remain adaptable and able to connect. 

Struktur der E-Government Strategie - Bezeichnung der Wirkungsfelder Unsere Vision, unsere Prinzipien und Initiativen.

Digital transformation: principles for the future

The Austrian legal framework sets out the basic principles of digital government services centrally and supports continuous further development of the digitalisation process.

Everything revolves around people

Principle: everything revolves around people. People's needs, and having legal structures in place, are fundamental to the development of digital government services. Digital services are available to all and should be as easy as possible to find and use.

Administrative agencies design innovative services

Principle: administrative agencies design innovative services for a digital future. Government administrative agencies are open to modern working practices and technologies and they put them to good use to increase efficiency. New initiatives and innovations in digital services should make life simpler.

Digital sovereignty

Principle: administrative agencies create the conditions for establishing digital sovereignty. Establishing digital sovereignty is essential if the administrative agencies are to carry out their core tasks; it is achieved by having sufficient expertise in the administrative agencies and by selecting suitable operators.

Building up trust

Principle: building up trust is a priority for all concerned. Transparency, compliance with high security and data protection standards and good communication to keep people informed – these form the basis for trust in public administration procedures. People in Austria are also able to feed in their ideas, expertise and feedback.