When the ICT security portal went online in 2013, it created a central website which is intended to help improve cyber security in Austria: at, any interested citizens can inform themselves about every aspect of cyber security and the safe use of computers, smartphones and other IT devices.

The Federal Chancellery of the Republic Austria and the Centre for Secure Information Technology – Austria (A-SIT) run the website and are responsible for the content.

Content of the ICT security portal

Every month, the website concentrates on a new range of topics. Among other things, the portal provides information about current security threats, hotlines and emergency reporting centres, relevant studies and free programs for protecting IT systems. A search function at the top of the homepage makes finding material easy. The range of information covered by the ICT security portal encompasses:
  • Advice, news, articles and videos about that month's technology focus area
  • Information and tips for improving protection on mobile and static devices 
  • Statistical data and key facts about trending threats, in the "Cybermonitor"
  • Specialist information on how to operate IT systems safely 
  • Checklists and troubleshooting sections with instructions 
  • Security warnings 
  • Relevant events
  • Tips on free protection programs
  • Overview of sources of online advice and the contact details for reporting centres   
  • Studies and publications  

Who is the service intended for?

The service is intended for inexperienced IT users, professionals, children and young people, parents and teachers, consumers, the 60+ generation, employees, businesses, administrative agencies, research institutions and national security initiatives.

Facts & figures - statistics (as of: 20.06.2023)

2021: 269,136 visits -->  -17% (compared with 2020)
2022: 435,271 visits -->  +61.7% (compared with 2021)

01-06/2022: 153,900 visits --> +18% (compared with 2021)
01-06/2023: 335,014 visits --> +117.7% (compared with 2022)

Searches by device type (top 4):
  • 174,595 -> 52.1% desktop   
  • 137,211 -> 41.0% smartphone   
  • 13,026 -> 3.9% not attributable
  • 5,912 -> 1.8% tablet 


The ICT security portal was set up in February 2013, with a total of 40 partners working together. The aim of the website is to draw attention to the dangers of the Internet, raise awareness and offer practical tips, and in this way to encourage and strengthen the ICT and cyber security culture in Austria.

Online advisers and self-assessment tests in the form of quizzes and checks on are there to offer guidance and a quick source of assistance in an emergency, with a list of contact details, hotlines and reporting centres.