Anyone who wants to report a change of primary residence, register or de-register or apply for a voting card no longer needs to go to an office. These procedures and other official business can now be dealt with online via the central resource oesterreich.gv.at – round the clock, wherever you are and with no waiting times. Forms can be filled in, signed and dispatched directly online. The portal brings together all matters affecting citizens, and forwards enquiries directly to the relevant authority. Thanks to using ID Austria, your EU login or mobile phone signature, your personal data remains secure at all times. The oesterreich.gv.at website and the associated Digitales Amt app are being continuously improved and new functionality added.

  • If you move house: change, register or de-register your primary residence.
  • Apply for a voting card for the presidential, European, National Council or Provincial Assembly elections.
  • Your ID document and passport can also be saved online. The portal will automatically remind you to renew the documents before they expire.
  • The digital Babypoint enables you to prepare a personal checklist and offers the option of applying for birth certificates, proof of citizenship and confirmation of registration of a baby after its birth.
  • Request certificates: you can order extracts from the Central Civil Status Register (Zentrales Personenstandsregister, PR) in digital form, for example, if you lose your birth certificate.

The single-sign-on (SSO) process means that, once you have registered, you can log in to FinanzOnline, the Business Service Portal, Meine SV (my account on the social security platform), the Transparency Portal and e-Tresor. 

How do I use oesterreich.gv.at?

The oesterreich.gv.at portal can be used on your desktop or smartphone. To use it on the move, you have to have a personal ID Austria account and a smartphone that supports Face ID or Touch ID. In order to use the services on your mobile phone, you have to have downloaded the free Digitales Amt app and activated your ID Austria account. These are used for authentication purposes and serve as your legal electronic signature on the Internet. A mobile phone signature can be set up via FinanzOnline or post.at or at any participating registration office. It can be converted to an ID Austria account in the Digitales Amt app. When you have signed into the app, follow the further instructions. Once you have registered successfully, the functions of oesterreich.gv.at can be used without restriction.


Oesterreich.gv.at is Austria's central online portal for digital government services. Citizens can apply for birth certificates and voting cards, or register a change of address online on the website. You can also find information on administrative topics.