Transparency Portal

The Transparency Portal offers citizens and businesses information about the benefits and subsidies that are available from the state, the provinces and individual municipalities; it shows (while maintaining data confidentiality) the individual benefits and subsidies that have already been claimed and provides a way of dealing with certain applications for state funding online. Citizens and businesses can produce a legally valid, electronically signed extract showing the benefits or subsidies they have received, which they can use for verification purposes. For public administration services, the Transparency Portal makes the processes involved in awarding benefits/subsidies more streamlined, because the data that is required for the authorised providers of funding is already available in digital form. The portal also enables users to keep better control over their own benefits/subsidies, and their applications to be processed faster and more efficiently. For politicians, transparency in matters relating to benefits and subsidies gives them a better overview and serves as a good basis for decision-making when developing future financial support strategies.

What the Transparency Portal offers

Applying for a benefit or subsidy

The information is set out by subject area, making it easy to find and select the appropriate benefit or subsidy. An information page for each benefit or subsidy presents the main facts and lists the amounts paid out each year. You will also find information about the providers of benefits or subsidies, the conditions you have to meet, the required documentation and the period of validity. A point of contact is named, who is available to answer any questions.

Your own benefit applications

Once you have registered using your electronic ID (ID Austria, the former Citizen Card or your mobile phone signature), your FinanzOnline ID or Business Service Portal ID, you can download all your personal records from "My benefits". These include:
  • Saved search profiles
  • Transparency Portal searches
  • Extracts from your own data
  • Who has searched for me?
  • Your own applications
Citizens can also obtain a legally valid, signed extract showing the benefits or subsidies they have received.

Access to datasets

Personal data can never be viewed by the general public. Authorised providers of benefits and subsidies can only view the data if this is required in order to pay a benefit, or to adjust or reclaim a benefit which has been applied for. Such access takes account of data protection regulations and legal principles. The citizens affected can see such enquiries on the portal under the heading "Who has searched for me?" One exception is the legally required publication, with names, of specific benefits that, above a certain limit, are made publicly available on the Transparency Portal (e.g. state support for businesses during COVID-19).


Furthermore, the Transparency Portal offers the general public regularly updated assessments – in the form of open datasets – of all the benefits and subsidies paid by all regional authorities, with the total annual amounts paid out. 


The Transparency Portal offers a comprehensive overview of subsidies and benefits in Austria. Firstly, users benefit from having a central platform that provides information about the benefits and subsidies that are available and the ones they have already received. Secondly, the Transparency Portal provides the public administration services with a way of avoiding potential multiple subsidies. It also serves as an important basis for decision-making when new financial support strategies are being developed. Since 2022, the "So fördert Austria" app ("How benefits and subsidies are paid in Austria") on the Transparency Portal has offered an easy and interactive way for anyone with an interest to get an overview of subsidies and benefits in Austria. For this purpose, the data in the Transparency database is linked to data from Statistics Austria on an annual basis.