Reporting Platform

Austria's gas supply, nationwide COVID-19 monitoring and changes of address – on all these topics, data, facts and figures are available from the public administration service. Since 2018, these have been recorded, analysed and published on the government's Reporting Platform. Huge amounts of data are presented in visualisations and easily understood reports. Federal businesses, public institutions and regional authorities (at national, provincial, community level) feed the data they have collected into a reporting database. The data that is available on the Reporting Platform can be used by politicians for data-based decision-making.

The idea behind the Reporting Platform

The aim of the Reporting Platform is to put an end to a situation where major digitalisation projects all use independent systems and instead consolidate all the relevant information to make it available to ministries, the federal provinces and decentralised judicial entities. 
  • There are currently a total of 600 dashboards on the platform, for around 100 specific applications. Topics range from conventional financial controlling of budget data to monitoring of the COVID-19 vaccination programme and planning for future economic crises.
  • In most cases, the relevant data already exists at federal organisations, public institutions and regional authorities and simply has to be consolidated on the Reporting Platform.
  • Providing up-to-date data on a daily basis enables data-based decision-making. This makes the Reporting Platform a key management tool for use in political and economic decision-making in Austria. 
  • In 2023, the main focus was on economic crisis planning, with data on gas supplies, the level of gas reserves, the amounts of energy, raw materials and agricultural products currently available, price indices etc.
  • In future, standardised structuring of the dashboards and reports should enable users to access the information on offer even faster.

Where can I find the Reporting Platform

In 2023, the Reporting Platform services were made available to any citizen with an interest in them.
  • You can find full details about the project and the various dashboards and applications on the Reporting Platform at
  • The initial, fascinating key statistics, along with explanatory teaser texts about digitalisation in Austria, can be found on the data dashboard of the website. The published data is regularly updated.


The Reporting Platform collects, visualises and explains datasets from federal organisations, public institutions and regional authorities to provide a basis for decision-making by Austrian politicians.