JustizOnline is the digital service and information platform for the Austrian judicial system. It can be used by any citizen, round the clock, from anywhere. Since November 2020 it has been possible to submit forms electronically at justizonline.gv.at and the portal also provides information about Austria's judicial system.

Registering for JustizOnline

You can register or login in any of the following ways
  • ID Austria
  • EU Login
  • Business Service Portal (Unternehmensserviceportal, USP)

The functions of JustizOnline

JustizOnline's services are available to both citizens and businesses
  • Legal proceedings: overview of your own ongoing proceedings 
  • Status of proceedings: chronologically sorted information about the progress of your proceedings 
  • Access to electronic files: you can search the digital file for your proceedings and download the complete file or individual documents from it 
  • Forms: frequently-used forms and online input for public prosecutors and courts 
  • Companies Register searches: extracts from the Companies Register and certificates can be ordered and downloaded for a fee, while partial extracts are available free of charge
  • Searching the Land Register: extracts and certificates from the Land Register are available for a fee
  • "Justitia" chatbot: this virtual assistant informs users about available services in the Austrian judicial system and provides judicial information 
  • Courts search: a special tool for finding courts, experts and interpreters


The justizonline.gv.at portal enables authorised persons to access ongoing proceedings, saved data about proceedings and documents (access to electronic files). Frequently-used forms are available on the platform and searches of the Companies and Land Registers can be carried out. The "Justitia" chatbot explains the digital services and answers judicial queries. You can login using your mobile phone signature, ID Austria account or EU login or via the Business Service Portal (USP).