FinanzOnline is the most important e-government portal in Austria. It is free of charge and available to all taxpayers via the Internet. FinanzOnline is used by over 5.6 million people to submit their own tax return or make other applications from home. Citizens can use the portal from the age of 14 – with limited functionality – for example, to submit their income tax return. Full functionality is available to all over 18s.

Accessing FinanzOnline for the first time

If you have a mobile phone signature or ID Austria account, you can make a start straightaway without registering. Otherwise you need to make an appointment, for example at the Tax Office, to set up an ID Austria account. You can find more information about ID Austria here.

If it is not possible for you to use either a mobile phone signature or ID Austria, you can also obtain access details for FinanzOnline from the Tax Office. All the information on this is available here: Informationen für Bürgerinnen und Bürger (Information for citizens).

Who can use FinanzOnline

  • The portal can be used by any citizen resident in Austria who is over the age of 14 – with limited functionality up to the age of 18. From the user's 18th birthday, they can access all the other functions of the portal.
  • Business owners, institutions and local communities can appoint one or more supervisors who will be authorised to edit data on FinanzOnline.
  • Accountants, solicitors and notaries are automatically authorised to conduct financial business on FinanzOnline as soon as FinanzOnline has received evidence of their professional qualifications from the relevant Chamber. Depending on their professional qualifications and powers of representation, they will be given access to additional functions on the portal.

The main functions of FinanzOnline

  • Your income tax statement, also referred to as your tax settlement, is released from the middle of January for the preceding year. In order for it to have been processed by the tax office, all your payslips for the preceding year must have already been submitted. These are sent in directly by your employer. An income tax statement can be submitted up to five years retrospectively. Help is available on FinanzOnline from the digital tax assistants, which filter the relevant topics for your particular income tax statement.
  • You can view your own tax file, see your own payslips and review the current status of your income tax statement. 
  • Applications for child benefit.

New dashboard even more user-friendly

"FinanzOnline", the financial authorities' internationally award-winning online portal, is Austria's most popular e-government application. More than five million users are already taking advantage of the numerous options offered by the online tool, from submitting employee tax returns to receiving official rulings electronically. FinanzOnline is now even more user-friendly and customisable.

FinanzOnline is regularly further developed. This naturally includes acting on feedback from users, for example from the FinanzOnline survey or from the e³lab

The dashboard presents all the key information and functions at a glance. The information and functions are grouped together in so-called "widgets", which can be fully customised to suit the individual user. These "widgets" can be shown or hidden and arranged in different ways.

The most important information is always displayed directly on the new dashboard. For example, if you are due a credit payment to your tax account, the link to apply for a refund is displayed here. Because the dashboard is so adaptable, it will be possible to add even more useful functions in the future.

The menu bar has also been made clearer and easier to read.