Business Service Portal (USP)

The everyday life of a business owner is both varied and challenging. All kinds of situations may arise which require a high level of expertise, responsibility and flexibility. The Business Service Portal (USP) constitutes an efficient connection between businesses and the public administration system in Austria. The USP provides material that is legally accurate and relevant to businesses, regularly updated and professionally reviewed. It also gives access to over 100 practical e-government applications. This means that, with a single sign-on, businesses can access multiple ways to deal with official channels securely and with no long waiting times.

What does the Business Service Portal offer?

  • At, business owners will find over 2000 information pages offering freely accessible information on every aspect of business life – guaranteed legally accurate and provided directly by the relevant ministries or authorities.
  •  At, any interested business can see all the invitations to tender that have been published under the Austrian Federal Procurement Act in one place, completely free of charge and with no need to register.
  • At, the USP offers registered businesses access to over 100 official online services, with a single sign-on. This means that essential digital services provided by the Austrian government, such as FinanzOnline, social security services and My Mailbox can be accessed centrally and easily. 
  • Another service offered by the Business Service Portal is electronic company foundation: sole-trader companies and single-member limited companies can be completely set up online via the USP, quickly and simply from your computer at home.
  • Thanks to the My Mailbox function, business owners can see all their documents from the authorities at a glance. Even registered letters requiring proof of delivery (RSa and RSb documents) can be collected anywhere and at any time in this way.
  • The grants application Grants4Companies uses artificial intelligence to show companies any options for grants which might be relevant for their business, with links to the external pages of the grant providers. 
Most of the services on the Business Service Portal are available to businesses once they have completed a one-time registration process. This registration process is necessary for security reasons, and must be carried out by someone who is authorised to represent the business in question. There are several ways of registering: 
  • Sole traders can register directly in the USP using their digital identity (ID Austria or the soon-to-be-replaced mobile phone signature or Citizen Card). The USP automatically finds those companies for which that individual is entitled to register on the USP.
  • People who are not solely entitled to represent the business being registered can also start the registration process on the USP using their digital identity. However, in this case, permission will be required from the relevant managing director in order to complete the registration process, who will then be sent the data to complete the registration process by registered letter for the addressee only (RSa document).
  • People who do not have a digital identity also have the option of registering via FinanzOnline. To do that, the person wishing to register a business on the USP must have a FinanzOnline access ID and a supervisor account.


The Business Service Portal of the Federal Ministry of Finance – USP for short – is the main online platform for business owners. With a single sign-on, it offers multiple ways for businesses to deal with official channels securely and with no long waiting times. Via the USP, business owners will also find over 2000 information pages offering legally accurate and professionally reviewed information on every aspect of business life, provided directly by the relevant ministries or authorities.